Rbg, Battleground and Arena Talent Guide

Retribution Paladin PvP Spec 7.1.5

This is an up-to-date Retribution Paladin PvP Spec 7.1.5 for World of Warcraft Legion. Can be used for arena, battlegrounds, rbgs, etc…

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Retribution Paladin PvP Spec 7.1.5  (Talents)

Level 15 – Final Verdict
Really great damage booster that far outweighs the potential benefits of other abilities in this tier.

Level 30 – The Fires of Justice
Allows you to setup your big damage combos more often on other players.

Level 45 – Fist of Justice
Goes well with the previous talent choice, as you’ll be able to setup more burst combos.

Level 60 – Virtue’s Blade
This type of ability can really turn the tide of battle when you get a few lucky procs in a row.

Level 75 – Justicar’s Vengeance
Nice way to get in some self-heals while still putting out damage.

Level 90 – Seal of Light
Makes you much more mobile for a limited time.

Level 100 – Divine Purpose
Goes well with many of the other talents selected on this list, as a few lucky procs from Divine Purpose will always turn the tide of battle in your favor.

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